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Best Sativas: 5 Energizing Strains to Get You Going

In the modern cannabis market, there are varieties of cannabis suited for almost any situation. For example, indica strains are known for their efficient ability to relieve pain and discomfort, and for the powerful body-highs they often offer. Sativas, however, operate on an entirely different wavelength, providing bubbly and euphoric feelings that extend for ample […]

CO2 vs Live Resin Vape Cartridges: Which Should You Vape?

CO2 cartridges and liquid live resin cartridges have become two of the most popular vape cartridges on the market today, but many people don’t know the difference between these carts. While CO2 cartridges are highly effective and cost-efficient, live resin cartridges contain a higher amount of natural terpenes and tend to be more flavorful. Which […]

How to Use a Cannabis Tincture

Welcome to the world of cannabis tinctures! They’re one of our favorite ways to enjoy cannabis and are quickly becoming a go-to method of delivery for a reason. Tinctures provide fast and efficient dosage with minimal effort and can be used just about anywhere. If you’ve been wondering how to use this simple yet effective […]

Natural Insomnia Relief: The Best Strains for Sleep

One of the most commonly cited reasons for using cannabis is the alleviation of insomnia, as many varieties of cannabis are adept at promoting a deep, restful sleep. However, certain strains of cannabis are particularly well-known for their ability to instill a good night’s rest within a short period of time. Here are a few […]

Vendor Spotlight: Ember Valley

Ember Valley is a cannabis brand quickly making a name for itself in the state of California. Keep reading to find out why we believe every marijuana connoisseur should take a moment to try Ember Valley’s amazing cannabis. Craft Cannabis at a Large Scale Located in Shasta County, California, the Ember Valley facilities house a […]

How to Dose Edibles for a Great High

There’s a reason that cannabis food and drink is incredibly popular—it’s awesome! But eating cannabis can also be tricky. The fact is you can’t fatally overdose from too much bud, but the stories from friends who have overindulged are enough to make anyone hesitant about trying edibles. The good news is that when done right, […]

Vendor Spotlight: Henry’s Original

Thanks to its top-shelf cannabis flower and premium pre-rolls, Henry’s Original is a brand that has become a fast favorite of cannabis lovers. Why do we love them so much? Keep reading to find out! Henry’s Original: Keeping History Alive Founded by California natives Jamie Warm and Joshua Keats, Henry’s Originals seeks to keep the […]

Artist Spotlight: Mexican-American Muralist Panca Mines the Beauty of Decay

If you’ve stopped to admire an outdoor mural of beguiling figures painted in blaring neons and pastels and found yourself strangely moved, you may well be standing before the work of the Mexican-American painter known as Panca. Born here in San Diego, she’s made a big splash on both sides of the border; you may […]

So-Cal Christmas: San Diego Holiday Events

With the holiday spirit in full swing, the city of San Diego feels more festive than ever. Between massive illuminated Christmas trees and a myriad of activities to experience and explore, there are San Diego holiday events for almost any personality. Here are a few upcoming festivities to fill out the rest of your December […]

Mission Hills Restaurants to Feed the Munchies

We couldn’t be more psyched to be a part of the Mission Hills community, one of San Diego’s hippest and most exciting neighborhoods. And of course, that includes tons of great food options, ranging from California-style vegan treats to Cuban and Puerto Rican specialties to Japanese-style izakaya. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll probably find it here, […]