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Best Sativas: 5 Energizing Strains to Get You Going

Strain Review

In the modern cannabis market, there are varieties of cannabis suited for almost any situation. For example, indica strains are known for their efficient ability to relieve pain and discomfort, and for the powerful body-highs they often offer. Sativas, however, operate on an entirely different wavelength, providing bubbly and euphoric feelings that extend for ample periods of time. To assist in finding the best sativas to complement your everyday activities, here are a few selections we recommend exploring during your next San Diego dispensary visit.

5 Best Sativas to Get Stuff Done


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Chemdawg is perhaps the most classic strain that comes to mind when cannabis consumers think of sativas. While the exact lineage of the strain is unknown, Chemdawg itself has been applied in the creation of staples of cannabis culture, such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

As a fairly potent strain, Chemdawg stands out as one of the best sativas for its buzzy high that is known to result in vivid mental sensations. Cannabis consumers who encounter Chemdawg often recount a creative mood that instills even mundane days with excitement.

Blue Magic

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While Blue Dream may be this strain’s better-known relative, Blue Magic presents a unique experience of its own. With a sweet and delightful scent and smoke that recalls rich notes of blueberries, Blue Magic serves as an ideal strain for sharing with other cannabis enthusiasts.

For consumers who suffer from anxiety, Blue Magic may be one of the best sativas available. Many indicas are known for their deep, soothing high, but Blue Magic quickly creates a calm and clear mental atmosphere that has been recounted to improve focus and promote a general happy mindset.

Lemon Jack

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Similarly descended from a famous lineage, Lemon Jack owes its ancestry to the famous Jack Herer strain. However, Lemon Jack expands on the effects of its predecessor to create a strongly euphoric high that acts as a shot of energy to awaken the senses.

With its alert, vibrant effects, Lemon Jack makes a perfect companion for more active cannabis consumers. Whether you’re interested in adding cannabis to light exercise or simply looking for a strain to reduce fatigue, Lemon Jack is a versatile and satisfying selection.

Blackberry Sour

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Blackberry Sour is an extraordinarily potent sativa that leaves a deep impression upon the first encounter. With a taste and aroma as pronounced as its effects, the strain is guaranteed to be instantly memorable.

Some batches of Blackberry Sour test at above 28% THC content, making it important for inexperienced cannabis consumers to use caution when dosing with this sativa. Just a small puff can be more than enough to experience the full impact of its buoyant, evocative high.

Orange Kreamsicle

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Perhaps one of the best sativa strains for cannabis gourmands, Orange Kreamsicle has a sterling reputation for its scrumptious flavor that blends together hints of vanilla and orange. In fact, some of those who encounter Orange Kreamsicle end up making a repeat purchase for the sheer pleasant nature of smoking it.

The effects of Orange Kreamsicle do the strain justice as well. While an Orange Kreamsicle high may take a moderate amount of time to settle in, consumers will eventually experience an uplifting and noticeably hungry high capable of unlocking the hidden potential of a delicious meal.

You can grab these strains and more at your favorite San Diego dispensary. Check our online menu now to see what’s in stock.

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