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Vendor Spotlight: Ember Valley

Product Highlight

Ember Valley is a cannabis brand quickly making a name for itself in the state of California. Keep reading to find out why we believe every marijuana connoisseur should take a moment to try Ember Valley’s amazing cannabis.

Craft Cannabis at a Large Scale

Located in Shasta County, California, the Ember Valley facilities house a wide variety of cannabis phenotypes grown under pristine conditions. From cultivation to consumption, Ember Valley is dedicated to growing cannabis with integrity, professionalism, and unparalleled cultivation standards.

Ember Valley 1

Ember Valley has something for every cannabis consumer. Whether you are a casual smoker just looking for a good time or a cannabis connoisseur looking to get their hands on the best bud money can buy, rest assured they have you covered.

Thanks to its commitment to growing proper plant genetics in a proper indoor growing environment, Ember Valley is able to produce exquisite craft cannabis at a large scale. Today, this brand works with a staff of over 50 employees to put premium cannabis flower on the shelves of dispensaries all across the state of California.

Our Favorite Ember Valley Strains

Not sure what to try first? Ember Valley features a collection of classic and unique strains sure to appeal to any smoker. Check out these 4 strains that are all the buzz in California right now.

Do Si White

Ember Valley 2

A cross between strains The White and Do Si Dos, this craft strain is covered with shiny trichomes that give away its monster THC levels. Despite a primarily earthy aroma, this strain also features noticeable hints of pine and citrus. As an indica-dominant strain, Do Si White contains roughly 80% indica genetics, making it perhaps better suited for night-time tokes where a good ‘couchlock’ won’t be a problem.

Sundae Driver

Ember Valley 3
Source: Ember Valley

Sundae Driver is a 50/50 hybrid that is derived from a cross between parent strains Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie. Named for its uniquely creamy chocolate flavor, this strain features light sugary notes with every exhale. In addition to chocolatey and sugary tones, this strain also produces noticeable hints of earthiness and sweet grapes. Thanks to its 50/50 genetics, Sundae Driver produces a very robust mix of physical and cerebral effects that are well suited for treating a number of physical or psychological conditions.

Riff OG

Ember Valley 4
Source: Ember Valley 4

This indica-dominant hybrid is Ember Valley’s take on legendary west-coast strain OG Kush. This unique strain features a unique aroma and flavor containing notes of pine, diesel, tangerine, and crisp citrus. Best of all, this is a long-lasting, super-potent strain that stays true to its parent genetics. If you are craving a robust mix of deep physical relaxation and uplifting cerebral euphoria, Ember Valley Riff OG is for you!

Wedding Pie

Ember Valley 5
Source: Ember Valley

Wedding Pie is Ember Valley’s second attempt at working with the Grape Pie genetics that give their Sundae Driver strain its deliciously unique flavor. However, unlike Sundae Driver, Wedding Pie is not a balanced hybrid but rather a potent indica whose genetics come in part from heavyweight indica strain Wedding Cake. If you’re looking for all of the deliciousness with more of the deep relaxation, give Wedding Pie a try instead!

Looking to get your hands on some of Ember Valley’s fine cannabis today? Stop by our San Diego dispensary or order online right now.

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