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CO2 vs Live Resin Vape Cartridges: Which Should You Vape?


CO2 cartridges and liquid live resin cartridges have become two of the most popular vape cartridges on the market today, but many people don’t know the difference between these carts.

While CO2 cartridges are highly effective and cost-efficient, live resin cartridges contain a higher amount of natural terpenes and tend to be more flavorful. Which one should you vape? Keep reading to find out more about these two concentrated oils!

CO2 Cartridges

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CO2 cartridges are named after the CO2 extraction process that produces the oil they contain. For many, CO2 cartridges have become the gold standard of vape cartridges due to their purity and potency.

CO2 oils are able to retain modest levels of plant-based terpenes, meaning that they contain much of marijuana’s natural flavor and aroma even after being processed. By comparison, concentrates like distillate have been processed to the point that they contain practically no natural flavors and must instead be infused with artificial ones.

CO2 extraction is considered to be a “best of both worlds” approach to extraction. It does an excellent job of isolating specific cannabinoids while being cleaner than many other concentrate extraction methods. CO2 is a natural chemical compound that is considered to be a much cleaner extraction agent than the BHO that is used to produce concentrates like shatter.

High-quality winterized CO2 oils are especially compatible with vape cartridges since they do not require any additional thinning agents in order to be vaped out of carts. Because these cartridges contain no additives, the natural strain-specific terpenes (flavors and aromas) of cannabis can shine through.

Liquid Live Resin

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What is it that makes each cannabis strain so unique and distinctive? Terpenes! Terpenes have long been known to be the compounds responsible for giving cannabis plants their unique aroma and flavor. However, more recently, researchers have come to believe that the terpene profile of a cannabis strain may also affect the ‘high’ it generates and the therapeutic and psychoactive effects it produces.

Live resin is prized for its superior terpene content. Compared to the process used to produce other kinds of concentrates, the extraction process used to produce live resin is gentler on plant material and is able to preserve more of marijuana’s flowery goodness.

The bounty of terpenes contained in live resin results in more flavorful and mouth-watering vapor with every hit. Additionally, thanks to its enhanced terpene profile, live resin may produce more intense psychoactive effects than other kinds of concentrates. Some vape cartridge manufacturers infuse their oils with extra terpenes for added effect, but with live resin, that won’t be necessary.

Which Should You Vape?

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It all comes down to what you are looking to get out of your cannabis experience.

CO2 oil is believed to contain a wider range of cannabinoids than most other concentrates. Therefore, if you are looking to take advantage of marijuana’s medicinal properties, CO2 oil may be a better choice. Moreover, CO2 still retains a moderate level of plant terpenes, meaning that you are not sacrificing much flavor by vaping a CO2 oil.

If you are looking to enjoy the most flavorful and aromatic cannabis concentrate on the market, live resin cartridges are the way to go. However, you may find that due to their superiority and popularity, live resin vape cartridges are usually more expensive than other cartridges, including those containing CO2 oil.

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