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TSUMoSNACKS - TSUMoSNACKS - Onion Rings - 100mg
TSUMoSNACKS - Onion Rings - 100mg
THC: 100mg
IF SNOOP DOGG PUT HIS NAME ON THESE ONION-Y EDIBLES, THEY MUST BE DAMN GOOD. THIS BAG'S LOADED WITH 100MG OF THC AND ONION FLAVORS, IN A CRUNCHY RING SNACK; SO GRAB SOME FRIENDS AND SIZZLE THE FIZZLE LIKE YOUR FAVORITE UNCLE, FOR SHIZZLE. Try out Uncle Snoops Snazzle O's before they're gone! Savvy snack experts and highly esteemed cannabis scholars cracked the code on munchable, cannabis-infused snacking. Each snackable bag of crunchy goodness has 100mg of THC so you can savor the flavors — and the feeling. It’s an edible experience for adults with taste.
100.0 milligrams
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