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CANNARIGINALS - Cannariginals - Black Transdermal Rub - 30ml
Cannariginals - Black Transdermal Rub - 30ml
120mg CBD | 60mg THC | 27,900mg Emu Oil For those needing an additional cooling sensation along with pain relief, the Black Transdermal Rub with Menthol is ideal. The highest strength transdermal product we carry combined with the cooling sensation of menthol works quickly to provide relief where you need it most. Why Emu Oil? Emu oil is naturally anti-fungal and antimicrobial, and naturally boosts collagen production (nature’s Botox). Because of this, it is extremely effective in wound care as well as common skin conditions like eczema. Emu Oil as a transdermal delivery system maximizes the bioavailability of the cannabinoids in our products. Other topical products use coconut or olive oil in their formulas: these oils are not transdermal, and only penetrate 1-2 layers of the dermis when applied topically. Because of it's unique fatty acid profile, emu oil penetrates 7-8 layers deep, carrying the cannabinoids along with it for faster, longer-lasting relief than other topical products in the market. This is why Cannariginals' products are able to reach the tendons, ligaments, and tissue deep beneath the skin and bring relief quickly #LiveWithRelief
60.0 milligrams
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